A Fun Take on New Jersey’s Many Delights!

New Jersey has always been known as a polarizing American state: some love it and then others hate it. If you are the ‘hate it’ category, it may be that you have not given the Garden State a real chance. With shows like ‘Jersey Shore’, The Sopranos’, and ‘The Real Housewives of New Jersey’, there are bound to be stereotypes that many people assume are the reality for all residents. The following article will break down these notions that all people from the state are goombas and all hairstyles are blowouts.

From miles of mountains and breathtaking farmlands and beaches, New Jersey has notable citizens like Meryl Streep, Peter Dinklage, and Bruce Springsteen, plus known athletes such as Vince Lombardi from the NFL and Yogi Berra from baseball royalty. Plus, the state has had two major scandals with their governors in recent years. Having said that, there is a bit about New Jersey for anyone to love, so here are some reasons to give New Jersey another chance.

Cute Towns

Lambertville, New Jersey

Considered one of the hidden treasures of the state, Lambertville is a small town nestled between several lakes and rivers around New Jersey. The vibe of this small western town will take you back in time with a wealth of rich history and rows of charming streets that catapult you back to the current hipster movement and even a brewing company. There are several towns similar to this one in New Jersey, all waiting to be discovered for the first time.

Beach Towns


Ship Bottom, New Jersey

Even though Hurricane Sandy did considerable damage to New Jersey’s beautiful coastline a few years ago, that has not stopped the area’s many beach towns that are nestled in the vicinity. From Memorial Day weekend through to Labor Day weekend, many people from New Jersey and beyond visit the area and take in the boardwalk games, French fries, saltwater taffy and fair parks that are strewn around the area. For a short vacation or even a summer, these beach towns make New Jersey a truly unique experience.

Thriving Metropoli


Morristown, New Jersey

Also referred to as Motown, Morristown is the perfect mix of suburban and urban life, where you can walk to the center for yoga classes or have lunch at a small café, or take a short ride with your car to the mall. It is close enough to New York City so that is remains popular. In less than an hour, you can get from Motown to Penn Station.

Skiing in Winter, Water Parks for the Summer


Mountain Creek – Vernon, New Jersey

The beauty of New Jersey is that you get all four seasons, making it possible to ski in the north of New Jersey during the winter, and enjoy the summer at water parks. Great places to visit include Sussex County, which converts from a golf course into a water park, demonstrating the true versatility of this state. But don’t take our word for it. Come and visit yourself and find out!